“For an ambitious young person it’s amazing, career wise I’m a step ahead”

At 16 Katie Landon chose an apprenticeship after finding out college wasn’t for her.  After completing a customer service apprenticeship she is now completing her level 2 in Business Administration.

18-year old Katie explains how you could be a step ahead too.

After my GCSEs I initially went off to college to study health and social care but after a few months I just knew it wasn’t the place for me.

I kept on looking for other things and ended up going to an open day at Addenbrookes hospital, I spoke to recruiters there and walked away with an apprenticeship offer the same day!

I did my customer service apprenticeship in the physio department which was great, then I moved on to do Business Administration at the Rosie in Cambridge and I’ll finish it at the end of February.

Business admin is definitely the area I want to work in longer-term, I love the variety from supporting the medical secretary, typing letters for oncology to covering clinic receptions. My plan right now is to go on to become a medical PA.

Everyone is different, I wasn’t sure exactly what to do at such a young age, but it became clear I wanted to be in the workplace, I wanted to earn and I had the skills and attitude to go for it.

I really enjoy the hands-on experience and feedback you get from a workplace and I can apply the things I learn straight away instead of waiting to leave the classroom.

The other fantastic thing for me is not having debt and taking home a decent salary at 18, it depends on your level of maturity but there’s no reason a young person can’t step into the work environment.

For anyone like me who is eager to get on I would recommend this path over anything else out there, the world is your oyster with an apprenticeship.


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