Chelsea started at university but found it wasn’t for her so she changed her plans and began a level three therapy assistant apprenticeship in Peterborough.

24-year-old Chelsea explains why she’s never looked back.

At the time I went to University I wasn’t really sure it was what I wanted but it seemed like the right thing to do.

Once I got there it wasn’t long before I realised it just wasn’t for me and the big financial burden of the fees and living costs was off putting.

I started weighing up my options and researching other routes, it’s only by chance I came across the apprenticeship. To be honest I had never really been shown these options through any kind of careers advice.

I found the level three apprenticeship to become a therapy assistant and was lucky enough to get it.

I can honestly say this way of learning has suited me so much better, it’s hands on and I get to put my knowledge into practice instead of just talking about it in a classroom environment.

Every day is completely different, from assisting in the amputee clinic, supporting exercise programmes for people suffering lung disease to aiding recoveries from knee replacement surgeries, there is so much variation and that’s what I love about it.

I also enjoy learning from other professionals around me, I’ve had opportunities to work shadow people in in-patients, medicine, a dementia specialist nurse and diabetes specialist nurses, everyone has been really supportive.

After I complete my studies in August there are so many routes open to me and I think my next step will be to move on to a degree level apprenticeship in either physio or occupational therapy.

Everyone’s different but I’ve got friends who went the uni route and have really struggled to get into their chosen fields, it seems to have taken them far longer and one has already decided to change their career plans completely.

I would 100% recommend looking into apprenticeships in health and social care in Cambridgeshire, it’s been the best thing for me and I’ve never looked back.



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