Adekunle Fadairo is taking part in one of the first apprenticeship schemes available to become a nursing associate.

He works as a healthcare assistant (HCA) in Cambridge and is studying at the same time alongside people in their thirties, forties and fifties who are looking beyond their current roles.

Read Adekunle’s story and find out about the apprenticeship opportunities available at any stage of your career.

I was already working as a healthcare assistant for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust when I found out about the opportunity to join the apprenticeship scheme to become a nursing associate.

It’s quite a new scheme and I think it’s a fantastic idea. I have been able to bring all my skills and clinical experience in healthcare and take them to the next level.

I never had the money to study in the past and opportunities like this just weren’t available years ago otherwise I would have definitely done it sooner!

I am based within the district nursing team at Brookfields Hospital in Cambridge and the course is part-time. I split my time between working two days a week in my HCA role and the rest at university or on placements.

Nurse associates are relatively new roles, it basically means I will be qualified to do almost everything a nurse does with a few exceptions like giving palliative care. But if I pass the course I will be able to move on to study for my full degree in nursing, which I will definitely do if I get the chance.

I think the scheme is a fantastic idea especially given the shortage of qualified nurses in the country right now, in the long-term I think it will definitely benefit the NHS as a whole.

I have a had a fantastic experience so far both at the university, where I work and on my placements, the support has been unbelievable.

For me it is working brilliantly and the trust have been second to none. I am very happy to be learning, working and getting paid at the same time.


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